The best masked combinations of 220-2021 masked lady in the gym

How to Choose Mask Combinations of 2020-2021?

The best combinations of 2020-2021 men and women yellow design

What is Masked Combination?

Combine product groups from the past to the present trend As fashion giants use advanced technology, new product groups are emerging. However, after 2019, we are living in a period where health is the primary focus of all people, especially around the world. During this period, many countries with our country mask Wearing has become a necessity.

Human psychology believes that he does not enjoy the things he has to do. to get away from this situation, the mask maybe we should harmonize it with our clothing in order to turn it into one of the accessories we will enjoy the most. Sometimes it's a part of our clothing. design in detail, sometimes color match We can turn it into a perfect accessory.

Color match You can find out what you need to pay attention to by examining our topic about the combination.

Providing Mask Design Combination

in clothing combine and color match while providing the right choice when the basic product is preferred. color match Providing alone will suffice. But if we want to ensure the right harmony in the search for difference, there are some elements that we need to pay attention to in design. We must ensure this harmony not only in our main clothing groups, but also in all accessories. Especially 2019 which is now indispensable mask, daily we do combinations It is the most important accessory group for Well the mask with our combination Let's examine together how we can make it more compatible.

Pay Attention to Patterns

The best combinations of 2020-2021

Combine The patterns we prefer while making; If it has clear designs such as horizontal lines, vertical lines, the pattern should be striped or basic when choosing your mask. Otherwise combine You will be carrying an accessory on your face that will break your integrity. If we want to give an example to guide; a camouflage-style messy pattern mask If you want to choose the color of your clothes, we strongly recommend that you use Retro colors or nature colors (such as brown, green) in the tones of your clothing. In addition, if you are going to prefer a pattern in your clothing, it must be the same as your mask pattern.

Pay Attention to Colors

Color match; Undoubtedly, the accessories we use can be provided with the choices that will provide the most correct fit without disturbing the integrity of our clothing. Choosing the right color is of great importance in choosing a mask. The biggest reason is that some erroneous choices we have made have been mask may cause concentration. We cannot accept this situation because we do not want to break the integrity that will reflect our character.

Right color match To give an example, if combine if the tones of clothing you make are navy blue mask navy blue can be chosen to be tons of tones. Or color match You can go to the page we have prepared for you and choose the most compatible colors.

Pay Attention to Mask Size

Undoubtedly, the effect of gestures and mimics is extremely important in bilateral communication. But in many of our environments mask Its use creates great difficulties in the transmission of emotions. Therefore mask We should stay away from choices that sometimes cover almost our entire face and reduce the impact we have on people.

Today, with the protection of the preferred transparent masks still being discussed, we at least have a mask that fits just below the cheekbone of our face. mask We should choose.

2019-2021 Favorite Masquerade Combinations

The best combinations of 2020-2021 blue-eyed lady

Right color match You can create a combination in which it is best exhibited. The fact that the color tones are pastel and contain the same tone provides a perfect harmony. If you wish, you can also make tons for yourself. combine You can do.

We mentioned that a new product group emerges every day in the accessories category. You will see in the photo mask Its design is produced in an integrated manner with the hat it is used in. If you can provide the same pattern on a different product, the same perfect design and to color match by reaching in your daily combinations you can make a difference.

head-covered outfit

In your daily combinations If you cannot match the pattern with your mask, it is absolutely necessary. color match you must provide. Of course, when you ensure pattern harmony, you will have created an extremely important and complementary accessory.

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The 10 Most Difficult Colors When Combining

Redis an assertive color that we encounter and use quite often in our daily lives. The main reason why it is used extensively in textiles and clothing stores red The color is very striking.

Red color; yellow, white, green, blue and black It matches perfectly with the colors. If we want to increase the effect of the color red, we can increase the contrast. best your color will black We should not forget that it is a color and will increase the claim of the color even more.

But if you are going to choose to reduce this claim by thinking of yourself as being too ambitious, the most contrasting color of black is, white should be preferred. Color match would be the best choice.

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