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The Importance of Color Selection in Our Life in Daily Combine Color selection, your character to the outside world perfect reflects. According to research, colors are perfect objects that show your mood in the best way and send energies at different frequencies to your environment at first impression.

Emitting a different frequency every day and making a difference in your environment is an important threshold that will overtake you from monotony. To cross this threshold frequency match between colors You must provide and reach the most accurate daily combination.

“Sometimes we have difficulties while creating daily outfits. A lot of question marks come to our minds.”

  • i will wear combine Is it the right choice for the environment I attend?
  • I chose dress Is it too ambitious for the meeting I will attend?
  • Which color should I choose in a job interview?
  • I chose for the wedding evening dresses is it correct?

If there is one thing we cannot deny, it is that we all want a little better every day. Choosing the right color and making the right combination will make us feel a new step up every day.

What is Color Harmony in Daily Combine?

Color Harmony in the Daily Combine Colors have a perfectly coded language. And if you use this language in the most correct way, you can describe yourself in the most accurate way. Color matchis the factor that enables you to use this language in the most correct way.

Günlük kombin ile Renk Uyumu, Renklerin kusursuz kodlanmış bir dili vardır.
Color Harmony with Daily Combination, Colors have a perfectly coded language.

One you don't fit combineIt is as distracting as if you have done sloppy work and is of great importance to change the perception on you.

We can also define color harmony as 'combination', which has just taken a place in our language. Come together combineLet's take a brief look at its history.


The History and Meaning of Combine

The word combination, French 'combinerIt is a quote from the verb ' (to join two by two). French verb with the same meaning in Late Latin combinare derived from the verb.

This word is Latin for thousand.couple, twosIt is derived from the word ” with the prefix con+.

Today Combine The word ' is closest to is the visual and visual expression of two or more objects. color match used to provide. well true combine Let's take a quick look at the effects on us.

5 Striking Effects of the Right Combi that will Change Our Lives

1. daily outfit Make a Difference with

The biggest obstacle to making a difference is to fall under the influence of herd psychology. This psychology causes many people to think the same, act the same, and even dress the same.

Imagine a meeting where you can dress freely. A meeting where everyone wears a navy blue jacket, navy blue trousers and white shirt, and the general psychology of society will tell you to choose those colors for that environment. Now get up from that table and take a look from afar and visualize the conversations in your head. You will feel like an environment where you cannot even distinguish the difference of what is said at that moment.

In this sense, choices that are compatible with that environment but reflect your difference, same thought (color and combine due to your choice) will carry it differently..


2.With your daily outfit Be More Successful on First Impression

As a result of the researches, when you are in the environment for the first time, you can see the judgments and thoughts of the people you meet about you. first 30 sec' has also been observed. So why is it so important?

Let's explain now. you created The first impression effect, with the effect you create when you say goodbye %85 oranında benzerlik göstermektedir.

So as can be understood on first impression if you don't have the right effect, your words %15 Remember that you will struggle for influence with a ratio such as

In other words, people, in general culture studies, almost everything. the first one he wonders. Because firsts it is discovery, and the next ones are those who try to keep that first one alive. In other words, it is less permanent and more easily forgotten. When you make your own discovery, the impact you create will be close to impossible to forget.

3. With your daily outfit Experience the Effect in Your Relationship

in relationships color match To explain the most striking fact in one sentence;

'People who achieve harmony in the same colors share the same feelings' It is claimed.

For this reason, in bilateral relations, people try to harmonize with the people they value in every sense, as well as in terms of dressing style. In fact, especially after the 2000s, the trend of 'lover combinationThe phrase 'has taken its place in our lives.

lover combination While providing this, sometimes the harmony of colors and sometimes small design (detail) is at the forefront. From a different perspective, relationships are also combine that is, they are complementary to each other.

4. With your daily outfit Increase Your Confidence

The choices we make are the guides of our lives. The choice of clothing is also a guide to the effect we create on people. For example, red It has been observed that a person wearing it creates an impression of character that reflects that he is assertive, determined and determined on other people. (Click to see the analysis of other colors.)

That's why; right combine and color We are aware that we will have an impact on people with our choice, self-confidence we will own. This is the colors, our character. best is a form of reflection.

According to the researches, the number of languages actively spoken in the world is over 7000. And if we were to add a language to it, it would certainly be language of colors would be.

5. With your daily outfit Feel the Power

We can interpret power as the intensity of the effect created. Let's think together how to create the right power effect.

We can observe that the perception of the brand is far ahead of the designs nowadays. One of the main reasons for this is that brand power impersonates one of the most effective stimulants.

If we want to feel the power and use it correctly, we must ensure the integrity of the stimuli. To learn how to do this, let's ask ourselves the following questions and bring our power a little closer to perfection.

  • Do the brand designs suit my style?
  • How did the colors affect me?
  • Are brand molds suitable for physical construction?
  • Is the price-quality ratio compatible?
  • Is the selected product fabric suitable for the season?

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