Which products should I combine together?

What is Combination?

Why is it important to do well?

There is a wide variety of terms in the textile field. These terms are very common in today's language. CombineWhy is it important? right for you category and color match We have tried to explain all the details that will provide

It is the creation of a group by choosing clothes that are compatible with each other. With the developing technology, there are many product categories produced in the field of textile today. In addition, all these developments increase our diversity by creating new categories for us every period. combine It makes our job so much easier.

Choosing among these and bringing together the right product groups to ensure the right fit is vital for the impression we create. So, why exactly is it so important, let's examine it from past to present and examine its details.

Combination from Past to Present (1900-2000)

From the past to the present fashion Let's travel and have a look. The first colors that come to our eyes are dark colors (such as brown, gray and black), which are predominantly in the vintage category.

One of the main reasons for this is that the colors turn into favorite colors periodically. Another reason is that technology creates some difficulties in terms of production and uniform productions are provided.

This situation, combine Although it does not create any difficulties in terms of creating, especially with different colors color match It has created enormous difficulties for those trying to achieve it.

When we look at the product categories that are worn as a style by moving away from colors, it is generally seen in women. dressmore classic in men men's outfit We think it is provided. It has been the leading role of our lives in every aspect to ensure compliance with the period we are in while making combinations.

Color match and to keep up with the era and society in terms of choosing the right product, your combinations form the foundations.

As a matter of fact, we all look forward to trending product groups with great excitement and at least we want to try them in search of a new style. This situation, which creates a strong feeling of making a new discovery, also gives us a excellent self-confidence will instill.

Why Is It Important To Make Good Combinations?

Which products should I make together?

Choosing clothes and making successful combinations are among the most basic elements that reflect a person's character. A correctly chosen combination of the person can determine the level of activity of that person.

When you investigate the effects of this situation, surprising possibilities emerge.

If you think about why the product group you choose, 't-shirt or shirt' is so important, representative labels such as seriousness, clarity and comfort, which have been dragged from the past to the present, are placed on the product groups.

Therefore, when combining, we have to make the right decision to choose which label we will join. Now let's talk about the perceptions created by product groups.


Comfort The product groups we will give the impression of are generally; products such as t-shirts, Bermuda, combed cotton shorts, sweatpants, linen pants, swimwear shorts, slippers and sports shoes.


Sharpness The product groups we will give the impression of are generally; products such as polo-t-shirts, casual jackets, canvas pants, denim pants, sports cotton shirts and basic sports shoes. When the products that we will provide clarity are generally preferred as a basic color, the effect will be greatly increased.


Discipline The product groups we will give the impression of are generally; products such as basic shirts, classic jackets, casual jackets, canvas trousers, fabric trousers, and classic shoes. Discipline The most important factor in increasing the impact color match. The most important detail in this regard is the color choices we make. up to three colors stays on the border.

Which Products Should I Combine Together?

created by the product groups we have chosen 3 important effects we shared it with you. In order to maintain this effect, if comfort If you are going to prefer a product group that is in the same category, it would be more correct to choose a product from the same category in the sub-group selection. In this case especially the right combination We share the table below, which will make your job a little easier.

Comfort Sharpness Discipline
tshirt Polo Tshirt Basic Shirt
Short-sleeved shirt Basic T-shirt Classic Jacket
Linen Shirt Sports Cardigan Casual Jacket
S-Shirts Knitwear Canvas Trousers
Bermuda Casual Jacket Corduroy
Shorts Canvas Trousers Classic Shoes
Sweatpants Denim Pants
Linen trousers Combed Shirt
swim shorts Basic Sports Shoes
Sport shoes

Combine You can easily categorize the product groups that you cannot find in the table above, with some tips.

Upper Group

  • When choosing, make a category distinction with whether the product you choose has a collar or not.
  • If the collar design is closer to the collar product (Polo-Shirt), go for that category.
  • The last rule is, does the product you choose have any print or is it a simplicity-heavy product?


  • Choosing a subgroup is perhaps the easiest part of this field. Comfort, clarity and discipline If it is a meeting you will attend when you browse the categories, you should choose the product closest to the products in the category with the meeting combination title.
  • In subgroup selection most The point you should pay attention to is the fabric selection of your trousers. If you do not choose the right fabric, it may easily wrinkle or deform easily. In this case, it can cause situations that will leave you in a difficult situation.

Combine All the details you pay attention to while doing it will greatly increase the permanence of your impact on people, and even thinking about the possibility of this will give you perfect self-confidence.

Right color match and true color selectionof the 'must have' Remember it is.

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